ESG Tech platform

ESG Tech is a homegrown Singapore-based next generation verified ESG data exchange platform, that solves the scalability of KPI-linked financial products offered by Financial Institutions. They advance the acquisition and verification process of Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) material disclosure of corporate clients, underlying assets, for corporate banking, fixed income and alternative investments. ESG Tech’s SaaS platform enables corporations of all industries to self-report on ESG materiality and transform what’s seen as pure governance into operational insight and a gateway to competitive financial products.

Financial Institutions can rely on structured, verified and secure data to improve credit risk assessment of corporate clients and investment performance.

As part of our investments, we commit at reporting at least annually on the impact of our projects to our investors in this case the data for us starts in the field.

ScienTreeFic App

As part of our work with LionHeart Farm, a sustainable coconut plantation in the Philippines, we have developed an app called ScienTreefic that allows the farmers to count the number of coconut trees that are planted on their plantation. It is really easy to use since the farmers just need to enter the data directly via this app, feeding their profile on the ESG tech platform.

How does it work

From the app, LionHeart just has to log into the platform, review their data feed, add some commentary and start the auditing process of the KPI data.

Lionheart’s data is then fed automatically into our Earthwake ESG tech profile where we can add information about our green & social framework.

Then, fund managers can review the data themselves as well as the live auditing process to ensure the integrity of the data at each stage. It is also possible to add the percentage of funds allocated and so on to complete the ESG report made up of audited aggregated data.

In the end we have a professionally looking report which we can post on our website and communicate to our investors.

Why is it important

At Earthwake, we aim to provide investors the best new technology to take advantage of market opportunities but also to manage future risk and regulatory framework. This verification is also part of the impact that we have promised to our investors, some of whom are managing reforestation funds. Validated reporting is very important to establish trust in our investment opportunities. With ESG Tech Earthwake can achieve a consistent delivery of professional reports aligned with the highest market standards.