By combining climate finance at scale with technical assistance, Earth Wake is enabling climate change adaptation and mitigative action – with the potential to impact the lives of 2.3 billion people across the Asia Pacific region.

Founded in 2018 by Cédric Rimaud, Laura Altinger and Yossef Zahar – three London Business School graduates with decades of experience in areas ranging from global fixed income, emerging markets credits and financial markets to investment, corporate finance and international climate change – Earth Wake specializes in providing climate finance at scale through debt capital markets and technical assistance. 

As part  of the ICFA Spring Cohort 2020, an initiative that supports innovative and scalable climate finance initiatives with high social and environmental impact, Earth Wake enables vulnerable communities, entrepreneurs, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and micro SMEs in developing Asia-Pacific countries to adapt to climate change and grow sustainably while transforming behaviors and channeling green finance to benefit people and the planet.

Beyond Climate – It’s About Real Lives

The Asia Pacific region is highly vulnerable to ongoing climate change and its impacts fall disproportionately on the poor. Reductions in crop productivity, destruction of assets, and depletion of natural resources are key climate-related threats faced by smallholders and microenterprises across the region, which exacerbate poverty. 

Climate change is not only about prevention and planning for a distant future. The least developed and lower middle-income countries of the region are home to more than 2.3 billion people, climate change is already affecting their lives and negatively impacting their future – and that is what Earth Wake aims to change.

How Earth Wake Addresses These Issues

Through technical assistance and a well-diversified pooled regional portfolio structure that overcomes common barriers such as a lack of scale, underdeveloped local financial markets and perceived risks, Earth Wake will aid market creation of inclusive green finance and prepare the financial ecosystem for tapping debt capital markets for climate investments while permeating multiple sectors of society, impacting lives across the region, and reversing climate change.

Earth Wake in 7 Sentences:

Potential to impact over 2.3 billion lives in the region.
Led by a team of experts with experience in areas that include financial markets, investment, corporate finance and international climate change.
High social and environmental impact by helping vulnerable communities, entrepreneurs, SMEs and micro SMEs.
Actions that permeate multiple sectors of society, including the government, financial markets, communities, families and individuals.
Combination of climate finance at scale and technical assistance provided by experts with decades of experience to achieve the best results.
Overcoming barriers such as lack of scale, underdeveloped local financial markets and perceived risks.
Innovation and permanent impact.

Be a part of this initiative and help reverse climate change, enable sustainability and make a lasting impact that permeates governments, financial markets and communities.

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