Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide dedicated climate finance through international capital markets, and technical assistance, to enable vulnerable communities, entrepreneurs, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and micro SMEs (MSMEs) in developing Asia-Pacific countries to strengthen resilience, adapt to climate change, and increase energy access.

Our vision is to have a profound and lasting impact on the Asia Pacific region, transforming communities’, financial market players’ and governments’ (local and central) understanding of climate change and climate finance, with the aim of transforming behaviours and channeling green finance to benefit people and planet. At the higher level, this translates into contributing to the global aims of the 2015 Paris Agreement to make finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low GHG emissions and climate-resilient development (Art. 2(c)) and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

4th June 2020 – Press Release

Earth Wake is selected for International Climate Finance Accelerator

We are thrilled to announce that Earth Wake has been selected as winner of the ICFA spring Cohort 2020. The ICFA Luxembourg supports innovative and scalable climate finance initiatives that have high social and environmental impact.

The Asia Pacific region is highly vulnerable to ongoing climate change and its impacts fall disproportionately on the poor. Reductions in crop productivity, destruction of assets, and depletion of natural resources are key climate-related threats faced by smallholders and microenterprises across the region, which exacerbate poverty. The least developed and lower middle-income countries of the region are home to more than 2.3bn people.

Earth Wake’s vision is to have a profound and lasting impact in accelerating the transition of vulnerable communities in Asia-Pacific toward low-carbon climate resilience. Earth Wake was created by its three co-founders and London Business School graduates, Cédric Rimaud, Laura Altinger and Yossef Zahar.

Earth Wake is a blended finance initiative to bring capital markets’ private sector finance to vulnerable communities through microfinance institutions. Through a sustainability bond, it provides dedicated green financing to top-tier Asia-Pacific financial service providers to achieve an attractive risk-return proposition through a well-diversified pooled regional portfolio structure that overcomes common barriers such as a lack of scale, underdeveloped local financial markets and perceived risks. Technical assistance is provided alongside the financing to aide market creation of inclusive green finance and prepare financial ecosystem for tapping debt capital markets for climate investments.

Contact: cedric.rimaud@earthwake.asia, laura.altinger@earthwake.asia, yossi.zahar@earthwake.asia